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DVT Prevention | Intermittent Compression Therapy
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Methods for DVT Prevention

There are two methods of prescribed preventative measures (one pharmaceutical, one mechanical) to help aid in prevention of DVT.

One is being prescribed an Anticoagulation. Anticoagulant (mostly commonly heparin) therapy remains the mainstay of medical therapy for deep venous thrombosis (DVT). Patients typically either stop anticoagulants when the acute episode of VTE has been adequately treated (approximately 3 months) or remain on treatment indefinitely.

The other method is a non-pharmaceutical prevention therapy regimen known as intermittent compression therapy that is proven to be just as effective if not more. Intermittent compression applies 50 mm of pressure to the calf.  When the calf is compressed all of the blood in the calf is forced into the thigh and out to the heart through the vena cava. This circulation of blood prevents the clots from forming in the thigh and vena cava. The clots in the thigh and vena cava are the ones associated with travel to the heart and cause death.

There are completely portable devices DVT prevention devices that do not have tubing and wire that bog you down. They even have a longer battery life so you are not limited and can still participate in daily activities. Watch how easy it is to use.

Compression Therapy for Preventing DVT

The Cirona® 6300 is a completely portable intermittent pneumatic compression therapy device that has a battery lasting up to 8 hours. The compression therapy mimics the body’s natural muscle contractions, thus increasing venous blood flow to the body’s lower extremities. It also:


  • Improves Circulation
  • Increases Blood Flow
  • Prevents Swelling, Numbness, Soreness, & Tingling
  • Helps Prevent Blood Clotting in the Legs

The device provides intermittent compression to the calf once a minute and can be worn while out and about. It can also be worn during air flight and on long drives. The rechargeable batteries allow you to wear them while you sleep.

If you would like more information on the Cirona® 6300 for DVT prevention please fill out the form below.

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